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Troubleshooting Part 5: Six warning signs of a leak in your Purge & Trap and ways to detect the source

Posted by Amy Nutter on Wed, Sep 06, 2023 @ 04:07 PM

Throughout this troubleshooting series, in nearly every topic discussed, the answer led to performing a leak check on the Purge and Trap (P&T). This part of the series will go over the preventative maintenance program and understanding the leak check troubleshooting tool in Teklink, the Teledyne Tekmar P&T software.

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Tags: VOC, P&T, Purge and Trap, Atomx XYZ

Troubleshooting Part 4: Linearity and reproducibility issues

Posted by Amy Nutter on Fri, Aug 11, 2023 @ 11:12 AM

This is the forth in our Troubleshooting series for VOC Analysis. 

Troubleshooting linearity and reproducibility issues in your systems can be difficult. Problems with linearity and reproducibility can make calibrating your systems frustrating, and if internal standards are varying, it can cause all other target compound to look unstable.

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Tags: VOC, P&T, Purge and Trap

Troubleshooting Part 3: Elution issues and moisture control

Posted by Amy Nutter on Fri, Jul 28, 2023 @ 01:33 PM

This is the third in our Troubleshooting series for VOC Analysis. 

Part three will discuss elusion issues and moisture control for VOC analysis.

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Tags: VOC, Teledyne Tekmar, Volatile Organic Compounds, P&T, Purge and Trap, Moisture Control

High Levels of Benzene Found in Chinese Tap Water

Posted by Jason Davis on Thu, Apr 17, 2014 @ 03:50 PM

Benzene and Teledyne Tekmar

Benzene detection has been a frequent topic here at Teledyne Tekmar. In October 2013, we published an Application Note: “Achieving Low-Level Detection of Benzene in Beverages with an Automated Headspace Vial Sampler” and an accompanying webinar “Benzene in Beverages - How Low Can We Go” (to view the webinar, please click the button at the bottom of this blog).

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Tags: Purge and Trap Concentrator, drinking water, Stratum, HT3, Benzene, Beverage Analysis, US EPA Method 524.3, P&T

Hydraulic Fracturing

Posted by Betsey Seibel on Mon, Aug 13, 2012 @ 04:26 PM

Part of developing new and relevant applications is staying on top of current events, which can mean reading through a lot of news articles. The one topic we run into most often, especially recently here in Ohio, is hydraulic fracturing. Recently, the governor of Ohio announced increased fees for dumping wastewaters associated with hydraulic fracturing from out of state sources. All implications are that these drilling activities will have a national as well as global impact, as evident by this map of the shale gas plays in North America.

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Tags: Purge and Trap Concentrator, Hydraulic Fracturing, Fracking, P&T, NEMC, shale

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