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Conquer the Worst Enemy of Low-Level Total Organic Carbon Results

Posted by Stephen Proffitt on Fri, Feb 17, 2023 @ 04:40 PM

What are the three worst enemies of low-level total organic carbon (TOC) analysis? Contamination, contamination, and contamination. Why stated three times? Because contamination can come from at least three different sources. The top three ways contamination can be inadvertently introduced into a TOC analyzer are reagents, laboratory glassware, and samples.


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Tags: TOC, Total Organic Carbon

Who are the employees of Teledyne Tekmar/Leeman Labs - Stephen Proffitt

Posted by Stephen Proffitt on Thu, Sep 08, 2022 @ 05:02 PM

With today’s blog, let’s get to know the employees of Teledyne Tekmar/Leeman Labs. The next person I would like to introduce to you is Steve Proffitt.

Steve is an Applications Chemist for Teledyne Tekmar. He is an expert in Total Organic Carbon analysis using the Fusion, Torch, Lotix, and LSS Boat products. He is responsible for the overlap between marketing and chemistry. Steve helps develop analytical methods for testing customer samples, provide technical input during sales calls, and offer guidance for the complete line of carbon analyzers. Steve has been with Teledyne for 24 years. Steve was previously an R&D Scientist for 14 years and helped design the Fusion, Torch, Lotix, and LSS Boat as well as some of the VOC products. In his lengthy career at Teledyne Tekmar, Steve has also worked in Technical Support and as a Service Engineer.


Let’s ask Steve some questions to get to know him better.

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