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Excited about Headspace Autosamplers

Posted by Teledyne Tekmar on Mon, May 13, 2013 @ 04:54 PM

Excitement abounds in the Teledyne Tekmar labs as the Versa headspace autosampler continues to meet the challenges of an ever-changing environmental science world. Its big brother, the HT3, started this excitement when it successfully met the challenge to detect low levels of 1,4-dioxane, bromoform, acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride in water following new environmental guidance from Korea and the Asian market.

VersaVersa Headspace Autosampler

Both surpassed expectations in detecting methane and other gases in ground water during the great hydraulic fracturing challenge. The HT3 fought back using its superior unique trapping skills to prove that it was better at the soon to be updated VPH detection by GC/MS releasing a poster and app note during PittCon 2013. Of course, the HT3 includes a trap meeting specifications in most EPA and other environmental methods.

HT3 angle blk carouselHT3 Headspace Autosampler

Not to be outdone, the Versa stepped up to the plate to show that it can meet the needs of detecting over 50 VOC’s in water down to 20 ppt (yes that 0.020 ppb) with only its static capabilities. These include the gases and others compounds including benzene. Don’t believe it? Did the Versa finally strike out? Read the application note released this May at Teledyne Tekmar website or tune into the webinar scheduled for May 30th, 2013 on most internet channels available worldwide.

Of course, the Versa is not only capable of performing static headspace with environmental samples. It is continuing to meet the versatile challenges presented by the forensic, plastic and polymers, food, printing and inks and other headspace methods. This and more, yet the Versa costs less than a laboratory microbalance and connects to all modern day GC’s.

To download any of our application notes, be sure to visit our applications library on our website.

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