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Meet the Teledyne Tekmar Team - Joy Osborne Profile

Posted by Betsey Seibel on Mon, Dec 19, 2016 @ 12:34 PM

Joy_Osborne_sm.jpgMeet the Teledyne Tekmar Team

During the next several months, we will be introducing members of the Teledyne team through Q&A sessions in our blog. The posts will provide an opportunity to put a face to a name, as well as background details about our internal subject matter experts, and their perspective on lab technology and industry issues.


Spotlight: Joy Osborne, TOC Product Line Manager / Applications Chemist, Teledyne Tekmar

What is your background?

Prior to Teledyne Tekmar, I worked for six years in the food and flavor industry serving in various roles within Research and Development, Analytical Chemistry, and Quality Assurance/Quality Control. I am experienced in gas and liquid chromatography with a variety of detectors, but most notably mass spectroscopy. I previously worked at Teledyne Tekmar as a VOC Application Chemist and then I was given the opportunity to live in Japan for 2 years and continue my formal education. In Japan, I earned my Global Leadership MBA from Nagoya University of Commerce and Business in.  I count the leading experts in TOC product lines and product line management among my mentors.  I appreciate the daily challenges that allow me to use my training to help Teledyne Tekmar’s TOC product line be successful.


What brought you to Teledyne?

I returned to Teledyne Tekmar because of the opportunity to provide cost-effective, user-friendly products to Teledyne Tekmar’s TOC customers.  We work in an intellectually stimulating field, and I’m excited to dive deep into new challenges with our customers.  The people at Teledyne Tekmar are highly dedicated, talented and knowledgeable. They care a great deal about our customers and each other.  The daily environment is fast paced, fun, exciting, and highly rewarding!


What do you do for Teledyne?

My roles and responsibilities at Teledyne Tekmar are constantly evolving to best serve our customers and TOC product line.  Continuous improvement and growth is at the heart of what we do. I am constantly striving to find new opportunities to attain the best solutions and end-customer benefits. I am focused on creating complete solutions within the TOC product line.


What makes Teledyne’s TOC instruments stand out in the industry?

Teledyne Tekmar excels in the industry because of our dedication to resolving customer needs and concerns, and providing cost-effective beneficial products and services.  We are constantly working to understand our customers’ leading-edge requirements. Our customers have come to expect end-to-end solutions that streamline their workflows and needs.  This directs our development process and guides our application support to continuously renew our directions and goals.  Our customers are our highest priority.


What do you see as the biggest challenge facing your customers?

Customers constantly face difficult situations that they must overcome.  For instance, many companies face moderate workforce turnover rates that make easy-to-learn products essential to minimize lead times to productive personnel.  We have taken this to heart in spending significant time designing cutting-edge user interfaces that feel natural for the next generation workforce. We have received positive feedback for these efforts.  In addition, we are applying customer input that is beginning to show movement in difficult to analyze samples that traditionally would have been highly diluted or filtered in the past. We developed the LSS Boat to meet these demands. The LSS Boat has the capabilities to analyze solid and turbid liquid samples, easily attaches to our combustion unit the Lotix, and can provide customers with reliable TOC results for difficult sample matrices.

We take these industry changes seriously and are concentrating new efforts into extending the already wide capabilities of our product lines in an easy to use manner to meet customers’ evolving challenges. We appreciate our customers’ confidence in our products and people to help them overcome their challenges.


What’s next for TOC instruments?

In our investigations into customer challenges, and workflow and sample analysis trends, we are always driving the TOC product lines forward to provide easier-to-use solutions and more robust application for challenging sample matrices. We want to continue to produce the best-in-class solutions.  There are many exciting events coming soon that we look forward to sharing with our customers.

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